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Professional interior photos show comfort and hospitality of rooms and attract more guests on booking sites

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Professional photos are most important for the successful presentation of your hotel in the Internet. The guest will be able to rate the quality of the service only by visiting you, the prices and location may be similar to other hotels. In this case, high-quality interior photos will attract the attention of the future guest and make them choice your place.
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As internet marketing researches show - a user only needs one minute to make a decision.
There is one simple rule behind this catchy phrase: your hotel website has only 60 seconds to attract the attention of a potential client, keep him and convince to book a room. With the professional photos, you can manage more effectively the user attention of the site, increase conversion, and get more bookings.
Requirements for interior photos to increase the number of bookings
High quality pictures
This is not so much about the technical characteristics of the image, but about the ability to create an attractive and effective picture. A professional interior photographer knows the best angle and lens to make a great shot, also - how to create a good composition to convey the atmosphere of hotel and highlight all its advantages.
Precise post processing
Even pictures made by a professional interior photographer need post processing. At a minimum, this is a color correction and correction of geometric distortions. Current professional photography equipment provides great opportunities for further processing. And only a professional will be able to take advantage of all the possibilities of technology and achieve an excellent result.
Attention to details
A professional photographer will make not only the wide shot of the room from several angles, but also capture the details that create the atmosphere.
An elegant clock, fresh fruit, a stylish mirror - all this will show the surroundings of the room, creating a better impression.
How can hotel interior photos affect bookings?
A few simple tips
Enhance your social media
There is not so much about increasing the number of posts, but about their quality and viral effect of the publication. All that is needed for this is high-quality content: useful articles, tips for guests, attractive images of your hotel that the user wants to share. Write a bit about what kind of atmosphere has hotel rooms (romantic or business, relaxing or energizing) and attach high-quality interior photos. You will see that this simple method will give its results and increase the number of guests.
Don't forget exterior
Exterior is also important. In addition to photos of interiors, a potential guest will certainly want to see how the hotel building looks from the outside. Perhaps he or she expects the building to conform to his ideas about historical architecture or he or she will be more likely attracted by the modern exterior design. All this can and should be reflected in the pictures.
Change the photo on the main page of the site and use the analytics tools to observe how the change of the image affects the conversion of the site. The title picture of the interior of the hotel should not only please you as much as the potential guests of your establishment. Of course, you must rely on your taste, but the final choice is best made on the analytics data. Moreover, if you invite a professional interior photography, the choice will be difficult, because all the photos will seem worthy of your placement on the main page.
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How often do you say thanks to those who were directly involved in organizing a business? Did you sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, say "thank you" to the organizer, photographer and the whole team for helping to make your startup truly professional? We found Denis at social network Thank you for your professionalism and accuracy in details, which is important for the image of the hotel. Your sensitive approach to photography has improved our business conversion and financial results. And most importantly, you as an artist, through the lens, you showed the comfort and coziness of our rooms and hotel, which is an indicator of quality in the field of hotel services provided!
Anna Vasileva
Director of The Gogol House Hotel
I wanted to get pictures that convey the idea of interior designer and impress future guests of the apartments. Our preferences have been heard. We received high-quality, stylish promotional photos. Denis is a professional! He works with pleasure, dedication, knows how to choose the right angle, immediately sees the right composition to emphasize the comfort of the interior, which is very important for us.
I was surprised and very pleased with the speed of pictures delivery.
If you are looking for a photographer of interiors, the choice is obvious.
Director of Apart Hotel Kamara
Denis, the administration of the recreation center World of Lighthouses thanks you for the shooting the interiors of our hotel rooms, bath complex, restaurant, cafe. Departure to the subject of the survey carried out promptly. The footage has been processed and submitted in a short time. The quality of the footage exceeded our expectations! We hope for further cooperation and recommend you to interested parties.
Tatyana Zastava
Administrator of World of Lighthouses Recreation Center
Denis, thank you very much for your excellent work! It is not the first time that we are ordering your service, we are very pleased with the result as always. Also I would like to note the efficiency and flexibility in choosing the date of shooting - for us this moment was crucial. Soon we will contact you again and will recommend to colleagues.
Anna Egorova
Administrator of Anabel Hotel
The Ohta Park Resort expresses its gratitude to Denis for the professional shooting of the cottage village. Denis, you managed to show all the beauty, cosiness and comfort of our cottages.
Kristina Mikushko
PR Manager of Ohta Park Resort
Thank you for the photo session of conference rooms! Quickly and efficiently. Nice to work) It's not the first time we worked with Denis. Before this was the interior shooting of the hotel.
Yulia Gerasimova
Manager of The Gogol House Hotel
Editing of all shooted pictures is included
5000 ₽
80 $
70 €
1 hour of shooting. Enough to shoot one/two rooms in a hotel
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7000 ₽
115 $
100 €
Economical option of interior photography - 2 hours. Enough to get high-quality photos of two rooms and reception
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2000 ₽
35 $
30 €
Every extra hour

8 hour shift:
20 000 ₽
320 $
280 €
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Just pick the date and time
Duration of shooting in hours
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